This website is currently in beta mode - testing the e-commerce platform. Please email us any inquiries. iSpace head office is located in LA - Just moved into new premises iSpace sets up Neon Production Plant in-house. Manufacturing our own Neon tubing on-site. Please email us any inquiry you may have.
iSpace completes is 60th project with Solotel - One of Australia's leading Hotel / Clubs / Pub Owners
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iSpace is a Signage & Graphic solutions company, creating eye catching spectacles.
We have a large range of product and sizes to choose from. Our online process is simple to understand. Making buying a sign an easy process. Once you have made your decision, check your order in the shopping cart and pay 50% deposit online with your credit card or your paypal account. Once payment has been accepted upload your artwork file. We will contact you with in 48 hours where we will prepare a specification sheet with your sign to "sign off" on before we begin the manufacturing.

Feature Wall Office Signage

Specialists in Office signage. We bring your logo to life in a number of ways, from a simple solution to very upmarket solutions.

Circular Light Boxes

Made custom to your size requirements, single or double sided units made with brackets to mount from the side or top.

Light Boxes with 3D Letters

Experts in creating illuminated signage with 3 dimensional lettering. Pop out lettering is the latest trend.


Glass Signs 3d Lettering

Custom made signs with your logo raised with spray painted letters mounted on glass.


Stainless Steel Signs

Experts in Stainlesss Steel Fabricated thick letters and logo's made to the highest standard.

Standard Light boxes

Custom Light boxes for businesses make in all sizes with any types of graphics.

Plexiglass Signs with 4 sign fixings

Feature wall Glass Signs with 3 diementional Lettering for offices identity. We are experts at creating these types of signs.


Very Fancy Light Boxes

We create light boxes in many ways, we bring your signs to life with 3 dimensional lettering with include stainless steel.


Fabricated Lettering Raised

Fabricated aluminum logo's are brought to life, custom made for the outdoors. We can create all different thicknesses.


Full Perspex Cube signs

Full illuminated cube signs, in a huge range of sizes. Your logo will be floating in a creative illuminated square.

Double Layer Lettering Signs

Raised lettering custom made, spray painted in different thicknesses bringing your logo's to life with drop a natural shadow effect.

Chrome Stainless Steel Logo's

Polished Stainless Steel Lettering sometimes combined with spray paited Letters to bring your brand into reality with the best possible result.

Retail Store Signage

Made custom signage for your retail stores, offering the full range of signage options we can create all your signage requirements, across the board.

Brass Fabricated Metal Signs

We use all types of metals to create amazing signage, the signs can be either in a solid metal or fabricated to have depth.

Building Identification Signs

Numbring for buildings and offices, Street addresses in many types of metal options. From Simple to very upmarket types.

Brass Engraved Plaques

Made in either a polished or a brushed type effect we engrave and paint fill our plaque signs to suit your requirements.

Franchise Signage

We work with all types of franchises to create solutions fit to succeed. We do complete store fit-out's of all types. So if you have a franchise which requires signs, call us.

Slim Line Light Boxes

We manufactrue slim light boxes in lots of sizes. We have 3 thicknesses in our range. Made custom to suit your application. We offer printing of the back lit images.


Solid Stainless Steel letters raised off walls

Offering any font, we custom make stainless steel letters in many sizes. In either a briushed finish or a mirror finish.

Solid Brass Cut-out Lettering

We custom make brass lettering in a few different thicknesses. Either in a mirror polished or a matt brushed finish.


Graphics applied to windows

Vinyl cut graphics applied to windows in office , we sometimes combine a frosted material for privacy. Offiering a huge range of colours.

Large Format Digial Printing

Offering up to 3.2 meters wide digital printing services of all type into all types of subtrates. We ensure colour accuracy.

Spray painted 3d letters to Glass

Laser cut lettering spray painted and mounted to glass windows. This has become a new trend.

Detailed Window Graphics

Creating involved feature wall signs in many ways, we often create signs with drop shaddow effects.

Single Sided Light Boxes

Single sided Light Boxes can be custom made to any size you require, the faces can have digital printed graphics or vinyl cut out graphics.

Stainless steel faces onto acrylic letters

A more affordable stainless steel sign solution, where faces are exactly the same size as the acrylic letters so the edges are white. This is a more budget solution.

Neon signs

We create Neon signs of all type. From Very simple signs to large outdoor style neon crations. We will work with you to design your neon project.

Signage Installation Services

We have a large network of qualifies sub contavctors, set up to carry out your installations. We help you locate an installer which is right for your job.

Solid Brass Letters

Your brass lettering and signage is spray painted with a clear 2pak coat to protect against the outdoors as brass oxidizes outdoors.

Understanding Raised Lettering

This is used when we want a drop shadow type of effect in reality. It's a premiuim effect as it has a set of smaller letters under the main set, obviusly effectiving the price point.

Neon Halo illumination effect

This type of effect is created when you don't see the lighting aspect, you only see the glow from the coloured light. It's more of a subtle effect.

Full colour Digital Graphics for Windows

We can print your full color graphics for your windows and trim them to size for you to apply yourself on-sites. All we need are your measurements.

Oval Shape Light Boxes

Sometimes clients really want this shape light box creation. Offering both single and double sided units. We make these in all differet sizes.

Full Perspex Light Boxes

The entire light box is made from Plexiglass so the whole creation glows, even the sides of the light box. Designed mainly for indoors or under cover.

Large Outdoor Building Signage

Creating very large outdoor signs for your commercial needs. Office Building Signs are normally non-illuminated and easy to see.

Outdoor Banners

We Create banners off all sizes and shapes. Sometimes they are designed to be mounted on poles for a vertical sign.

Stainless Steel Building Signage

Stainless Steel is a great product for outdoor signage, the signs can be designed to be pinned off the wall with a drop shaddow effect.

Engraved Stainless Steel Plaques

Our plaques are made of either stainless steel or brass, we engrave and then paint fill your message. Logo's can also be created. Offering a large range of sizes.

Manufacturing Services

We have a number of factories where we produce our signs, spanning across the USA, China, australiam and South Africa.

illuminated Building Identification Signs

If you have a large budget and would like your logo illuminated on your building facade we can work with you to bring your creation to life.

Stainless Steel Numbers

We custom make stainless steel numbering in all sizes. Choose the thickness of the stainles steel you require. We also weld pins to the rear of the numbers.

Outdoor Perspex Lettering

Plexiglass is a great material for the outdoors as it with-stands the outdoor elements really well. We use all different thicknesses of plexiglass in our signage range.

Trade Show Solutions

Offering many products which suit trade shows, we custommmake your signs to suit the applaication your require. Printed images mounted to boards.

Large slim Light Boxes

Create up to 3 meter x 1200mm slim light boxes, we can print the images for your slim light boxes. Bringing about very smart looking signage without taking up too much space on the walls.